Friday, June 27, 2008

My children are my reward!

This evening while I was cooking dinner, I had a moment. It was crazy around the house. I always say that between 4pm and 6pm it is the Witching Hour(s). My kids go nuts. They misbehave and get into all kinds of crazy things that never happen any other time. Also, it was actually a bit of a strange evening, because Ben was at work and I dont usually "cook" dinner. I heat something up, leftovers, something from Schwans or even fast food. But since Chayse has been born, I do not cook without Ben here to keep the kids under control and out from under my feet.
So anyway, I was cooking. I was grilling some pork chops and had a veggie dish in the oven and I was trying to feed Chayse her dinner of baby food. So I am at the stove and I see Keira at Chayse's high chair and she is about to dive into the baby food jar. I say No Keira. Let mommy do that. Thats not for Keira, its for Chayse. I bark off two or three more commands and then I actually stop to LOOK at her. She is feeding Chayse for me. She is doing a good job too. It was quite a moment for me. Stop barking at them and look at them.
I started taking some pictures and a little video and it really hit me that all of this madness and chaos will soon leave me. I always hear it said and I understand and I know, but it really HIT me. This time of my life, this crazy time will be over one day and I want to ENJOY my kids not bark at them. In the Bible, Psalm 127:3 it says that our kids are to be a blessing to us, a "reward" from God. Sometimes, mine dont feel too much like they are "rewarding" me! But, they are meant to, at least in the long run. Stay the course, Gina. Allow God to make them blessings to you and your heart. It also says that "Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them." My quiver is pretty darn near runneth over with them! I must really be blessed!

Check this video out, and watch all the way to the end to see the bib! She even does the "choo choo" sound for her. You know, "here comes the train..." and then she asks her if it was yummy!