Tuesday, April 22, 2008

They won!

The Owasso Bulldogs won their first game! Its only the third game of the season! These little beginners are Smokin'! Chandler got his first hit in a game, (two of em') and one was a Double! And he also scored! WHOOO HOOO!

I had to go buy him a lighter bat. He went out in the backyard with the next door neighbor and his dad threw some pitches to the boys. He thought Chandler's bat looked a little slow. So Chandler borrowed his son's bat and "whack!" He started hitting them like crazy, so that was a cue to me to go buy that boy a lighter bat!

What a game! Too bad I missed it. I had to stay home with the girls tonight. I cleaned house all day and HAD to bathe those dirty little kiddos. I am posting the video...

Thanks for reading and I promise to start being better again about my posting and keeping ya'll updated!

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Owasso Bulldogs!

So just to tell you... Chandler is the 5th one from the front. Ben had a hard time picking him out, I have no idea why. So I thought, in case some of you did too...

They had their first game on tuesday night and it went really well. Thats not to say they won... BUT...they really looked like a team and showed some serious improvement! I think only 6 of the 13 boys have ever played a lick of baseball. They seem to get along well and they are learning by leaps and bounds. And most importantly, they are having fun!

Ben and I were discussing that some of the best fun Chandler had on a team, and we had as spectators/parents, was when he played his first season of Flag Football two years ago. The team was all only beginners and by the end of the season, you could really tell that it all "clicked" for them and they knew how to play as a team. It was so much fun to watch their progress and see the pride in them. I am sure that it also had a bit to do with the great kids and parents on that team also. He made friends there that will probably last a lifetime. I look forward to the same type of progress AND friendships here.

Its gonna be a GREAT season!

Go Bulldogs!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Ancestry

I have really been getting into researching my family ancestry. I guess it is something that becomes more appealing with age. You begin to think about your roots and where it was that your family came from. Sometimes it gives us more of an understanding of our family dynamics.

Anyway, I have been searching for my moms "lost" sister online. To give you a bit of history, she has a sister that is 5 years younger than her and in 1975 or 76 was the last time she heard from her. She is from Germany and was planning on coming over to America to be near mom and dad and supposedly start her life over, so to speak. Then she dropped off the face of the earth. She was waiting for her Visa and then next thing mom knew, her phone was disconnected and she was no where to be found. Only kin was an ex-husband and 2 kids, who were very young. We don't know if she died or if she just doesn't want to be found. Records are pretty hard to recover in another country, but I think especially Germany and especially Berlin, Germany. Between the wars that took place on their soil and the communism, alot of records have been destroyed.

That search has been enlightening for me. Kinda like my own mystery to solve. And, no, I haven't cracked the case yet. I have to learn German first! I feel that I am getting closer though.

But it has also led me on a quest for more information on my dad's side of the family. That is a much easier road to travel, lemme tell ya! There is actually a http://www.sramek.net/! (my maiden name). Very unusual name, but there are alot of us. My dad's great-great-grandfather immigrated here from Bohemia, which is now part of Czech Republic. One of my cousins has started a family tree online at http://www.itsourtree.com/ and it is pretty cool. I put all of my family in it and have enjoyed using it as a lesson for Chandler. When I read about my grandpa's siblings, I learned that his mom had 11 kids! The oldest was born in 1905 and the youngest in 1927! That poor woman had kids for 22 years of her life! And once, she had two kids in one year! One in January and one in December!! Wow, is all I can say.

It really does give me an appreciation for where I am in life, the time in which I was born and thankful that that woman survived long enough to raise my grandpa, who raised my wonderful daddy, who raised me.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Moving on up in rank!

Chandler is doing a stellar job at Taekwondo. He tested last week for his Camo Belt. He is doing a good job and really enjoys it. He says that the Camo belt is his favorite. Who cares about Black Belt? Camo is cooler!! (At least in an 8 year olds eyes, who loves anything army.)