Tuesday, April 22, 2008

They won!

The Owasso Bulldogs won their first game! Its only the third game of the season! These little beginners are Smokin'! Chandler got his first hit in a game, (two of em') and one was a Double! And he also scored! WHOOO HOOO!

I had to go buy him a lighter bat. He went out in the backyard with the next door neighbor and his dad threw some pitches to the boys. He thought Chandler's bat looked a little slow. So Chandler borrowed his son's bat and "whack!" He started hitting them like crazy, so that was a cue to me to go buy that boy a lighter bat!

What a game! Too bad I missed it. I had to stay home with the girls tonight. I cleaned house all day and HAD to bathe those dirty little kiddos. I am posting the video...

Thanks for reading and I promise to start being better again about my posting and keeping ya'll updated!

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