Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Keira the Talker

So Keira is quite the talker.  She jibbers all stinkin' day long.  Today while they (Keira and Chayse) were eating their lunch, I was munching on some Cheetos and saw Chayse watching me.  The little stinker caught me.  Then of course Keira catches me too.  Then comes the barrage of questions from Keira.  

What are you doing, Mommy?  Are you eating?  Having chips?  Mommy?  Yummy chips?  Can I have some?  I want some chips.  Mommy, can I have some? Mommy?  

So, since my mouth was full I hoped that a nod would work to hush her for the moment.  I nodded yes to "Are you eating?".  One nod for "Havin' chips?".  One nod yes to "Yummy chips?".  One shake of the head for "Can I have some?"  

Well, Chayse thought this communication method was quite funny.  She starts nodding and shaking that head like crazy and laughing.  

A new barrage of jibber from Keira ensues.

What is Chayse doing?  Mommy?  Is Chayse laughing?  Mommy, Chayse is laughing.  Silly Chayse.  Whats so funny, Chayse?  Chayse is nodding yes, mommy.  Chayse said yes.  Chayse nodded no, mommy.  Chayse said no mommy.  See Chayse?  Mommmy, what is Chayse doing?  Is she laughing?  Mommy?  (seriously, this goes on all day.  All day.)

So I started nodding again in response to both girls.  Now it is more of a game than any sort of actual question answering.  Nods yes and shakes no are abound in the house.  

Keira says  What are you doing?  Are you saying yes?  Are you saying no?

I said yep.   And then I returned with a question of my own.  "What if I do this, Keira?"  And I rolled my head all around in Shake-Nod fashion.  

That stumped her.  She sat there silent for a while.  She just stared at me. (YES!  I did it!  I silenced her!!)

Then she says " Mommy, that means Yo!"


Pam said...

Oh that is absolutely adorable! Yo! Your going to have to add that one to the memory book!

Michelle said...

That is precious!

kmoye said...

wow you do have a talker. i myself have a very quiet daughter. she hardly ever speaks. so i have no idea what youre talking about.

seriously though. that cracked me up. kaitlin so wants to know exactly what i'm laughing at if i'm on the computer. she will keep asking until i answer.

The Coleman Chronicles said...

You were cracking me up and I am at work!!! Thanks for adding a smile to my face.

Shauna said...

I am new here! What an awesome blog :)