Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another Birthday...

I should have posted Keira turning 3 FIRST, since technically it happended a couple of days before Kaylee turning 6.... but hey... what can I say? 

 We had her birthday at the park, and it was HOT... and fun. 


kmoye said...

happy belated birthday Keira!

Your mommy is so sucky for not posting this weeks ago but whatever. You're stuck with her so make the best of it. and remember I love you more.

: )

Shawna Black said...

Keira can I have your yummy cupcake? Happy Birthday to all your kids! :)

The Coleman Chronicles said...

Wow-- I can't believe they are gettng older (and I am not). Your pictures are beautiful, as is your family.

6HappyHearts said...

You have such beautiful kiddos!
I saw your Hubby today & he asked when I was going to take you on another GNO!! We must listen to our husbands, let's get together soon : )