Friday, May 9, 2008

My "Mothers Day Spa" Day

Today was my Mother's Day Spa Day at Kaylee's school. Kaylee treated me to a wonderful morning of "pampering" at her school. They sent out fancy invitations last week for it and when I got to school there was a sign on the door that said Welcome to the CS Spa. (her teachers are Mrs Clifton and Mrs Statum). Then, when I walked in the door, all the kids in unison said "Good Morning!". Kaylee then grabbed me by the hand and led me to the "station" she picked to do first. So we went to the Manicure Station first. There were fresh flowers on each table and at the manicure table there was paper towels for each mom and a few nail polish choices. The kids had practiced all week for this and I got a wonderful manicure, complete with lotion massage and bright red nail polish!Then the teacher rang a little crystal bell to let us know it was time to switch stations and we went to the Hair-Do Station. Kaylee did a wonderful job combing my hair and placing oodles and oodles of little clippies and barretts into my hair. Beautiful!
After my hair was completely beautified, we went to the Massage Station. Kaylee once again pulled my chair out for me and then sat me down and rubbed my shoulders! Really well too! I am telling you, if that is the only thing she learned in that school, I would be happy! (But of course it isnt ;)) She rubbed for almost the whole time allowed! She did a little shoulder rubbing and a little "karate chopping" on my back and neck! It was great!
Then the last station was the Snack Station. Kaylee got me a cookie and a cup of punch and a napkin and brought them to me. When I offered her a bite or a sip, she politely refused. Yes, can you believe it? Kaylee turning down cookies!!?? But she said "This is all for mommies!" She cleaned up my plate and cup when I was done and threw them in the trash for me. She even reminded me not to talk with food in my mouth! Then the tearjerker came. Mrs Statum read Love You Forever. You know, the one with the boy whose mom rocks back and forth, back and forth, and says I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be. Then he grows up and says it back to his old, sick mom and then sings it to his own little baby. Not a dry eye in the classroom. That book makes me cry reading it at home on a normal basis, much less in this magical setting with my princess. sniff, sniff

Then I got my Mother's Day gift. She planted some seeds to grow some flowers. A Zinnia and a Sunflower. They will look beautiful in our garden out back. And, of course, some Kisses from Kaylee!
It was truly wonderful and will be a day I cherish forever!

My Mother's Day weekend is just beginning...

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MelissaC said...

What a special treat! I'm sure Kaylee was so excited to do that for you! Happy Mother's Day!!!