Sunday, May 18, 2008

Daddy's Feet

We got a load of dirt dumped in the front yard to spread in low spots and try to put some sod in bare spots. Well, who knew what a great playground that would be??? I asked Ben why in the world we ever bought a playset, when we could have paid $100 for a mound of dirt and they would play all day. Anyway, Kaylee had been climbing it today and needless to say had dirty feet (well, all of her was dirty, but I was only cleaning her feet at the moment). I got some wipes and cleaned her feet off and noticed how long and skinny that girls feet are. Such a contrast to my feet. My feet are just like my dads, short and fat (our feet, dad, not us!) and our feet are gorgeous. Aren't they dad? I guess we are a little bias, but who wouldn't love short little sausages sticking off the ends of their legs? Thanks alot dad.

Anyway, back to Kaylee... I said "OOOOHH girl.... you have your daddy's feet!" She looked at me real confused, and didn't say a word. Almost like I scared her. So as to reassure her that she didn't actually steal her daddy's feet, I said "They are long and skinny just like his, and your toes are shaped just like his!" She grabbed her foot and looked at it and said "Yea, but mine aren't hairy!" And she said the word hairy like it was the most disgusting thing ever!

I said she needed to tell daddy that and remind him of how beautiful mommy's feet are.

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