Monday, July 21, 2008

The Boys' Fishing Trip

Chandler and Ben went on a fishing trip. They went to Skiatook lake and fished for Hybrid. There were four people, Chandler and three adults. Chandler caught the most fish! And the biggest one, too! It was a 5 pounder! Ben said he was absolutely flipping out when he was reeling it in. He was hysterical! He caught 5 fish! And each one of the adults caught one a piece! He said on the way home "I cant believe I caught more fish than all of the adults combined!!" He had a great time! Now it is time for a fish fry.


~Tara~ said...

He's a natural!!! Sounds like a fun time!

MelissaC said...

How sweet! Doesn't it just melt your heart when your hubby spends special time with your children like that?

The Coleman Chronicles said...

WOW-- way to go Chandler!!!