Friday, September 26, 2008

Flashback Friday

April 2004
Chandler in the cockpit of the plane my dad flew while he worked in Louisiana. I would tell you the kind of plane it was... if I knew! Some sort of jet! Chandler LOVED (and still does) to get in and pretend to fly to unknown, never seen before lands, and apparently to do some construction while he was there! Hey, when you are 4 1/2 its all about Building Things for boys!
Ahhhh..... those were the days! My little boy is about to be 9. Crazy. No more construction hats. No more Bob the Builder. I am missing me some Bob the Builder, I tell ya. He is growing sooo fast. Dont tell him... but this year for his birthday, we got him tickets to see tobyMac. Three of them, one for him, one for me and one for his best friend Karson. The seats are on the 10th row on the floor. If you know tobyMac, that could be a dangerous place for a 30-something mom and two 8-9 year olds!!! I could be in the middle of a mosh pit!!! But they will LOVE, LOVE it! So I went from little boy toys to concert tickets. Wow, how time flies!


Michelle said...

What a cute picture! You can tell how excited he was.

Dawn said...

Hey Girl.. I totally meant to come over to the table t say bye to you when I left CFA the other day. I got sidetracked. It was so neat though that I ran into you there and you reoognized who I was.

What a great birthday present for your son. :)

That picture is so cute of him in the cockpit!

6HappyHearts said...

So cute! They do grow up too fast!!
I know so many moms that are taking the kiddos to Toby Mac. The floor seats will ROCK!!! Ya'll will have a super time & you'll be such the cool mom for the b-day present : )