Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not Me! Monday

I am going to do an new thing that is so cute! I read a blog pretty regularly that I love, it is . She is adorable and hilarious! She has a true heart for God and is very inspiring to me. Did I mention she is hilarious?!?Anyway, you will catch on quick and if you decide to participate, I KNOW my friends and family will have some great Not Me!'s to confess!

So I totally did NOT pretend to be too tired to help my husband put the girls to bed tonight just so I could get a few moments of peace in the living room.

I did not hear any tantrums from upstairs as he was putting them to bed.

I did not ignore them and keep on resting (after all he is working tomorrow night, and I am on my own, he can be on his own tonight!) because that would be wrong and selfish.

I did NOT forget to change Chayse's diaper after I got her up from nap. She was NOT soaking thru her clothes at my mother in laws house during dinner. What kind of mother would do that?

I am not secretly hoping Kaylee has a sinus infection. After all that would explain her horrendous behavior, and I would know its not just bad parenting on my part. Sinus infections are curable.

I did NOT cry in the van while the kids were watching Charlotte's Web (I am not watching, I am driving, I can only hear it) and Charlotte tells Wilbur that he is the miracle, not her, she was only writing what she saw in him. I have only see that movie 30+ times and it does NOT make me cry every time.

My husband is soooo sweet and sensitive that he did NOT laugh at me for the rest of the way home from church.

I did not whack said husband in the arm, in the van, while driving, in front of the kids, on the way home from church. THAT would be a sin.

I am NOT grouchy and emotional during PMS.

I am not posting this a day early because I am taking Kaylee to the doctor in the morning and yes... still taking her to dance in the evening.

I do NOT hope that you all play along and "confess" right along with me, so that I am not doing this by myself and being embarrassed!


MckMama said...

Hah! I never hear tantrums, either!

Thanks so much for the nice shout out!! Glad you joined in, too!


citymomcountrymom said...

You are not alone, sister, not alone!
Country Mom ;)

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I'm here for you, too, sister! I hate bedtime, I'm usually (not) pretending to be busy at something else so Husband will put the boys to bed!

Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light said...

Oh my goodness...we are so alike!

I am totally do the same thing with movies I've seen a million times (for me it is currently "Nims Island", which I have now heard a MILLION times, but still cry). I am just lucky that my husband hasn't been in the car because he would do EXACTLY the same thing.

And, well, you should read my "not me's" for my opinion on the "sick"'s a mom thing I guess!

Happy Monday!

Jennifer said...

Great Not Me's! I just started in on the fun too!

Weeksie50 said...

I always cry on Charlottes Web no matter what..

Dawn said...

Those were great, G! I was totally laughing and NOT because I can relate to any of them. *snort*

Tabi said...

I am also "not" moody and bite hubbies head off while I'm pmsing! Nope not us...we so happy while we have ours!

Lizze said...

Yup, never hear those fits either. *whistles and twiddles thumbs*

Kristen said...

My daughter did not scream, "Mommy, mommy, mommy" for an hour while her Daddy put her to bed. Nope, she did not!

6HappyHearts said...

Love, love, LOVE the new blog look!
Too cute!!! Also, love the not me Mondays ; ) I can NOT relate to those mentioned at all!!
Ok, I can, to every ONE of them?!?
Thanks for being real & being so cute while being real!!!
I will be playing along next week!

Michelle said...

I love your new blog design!! It looks awesome. I also like the not me concept. It was fun to read. :)

Pam said...

I love the "Not me" idea... that is awesome!

I so totally did NOT write in my journal praise the Lord that my son has a boy scout camp out and I don't have to go this weekend!! And did NOT follow that up with I wonder if my daughter can stay the night with anyone??? A weekend ALONE!!! Nope didn't write it!


Angela said...

You are TOO funny! I do NOT convince my husband it is his bath night when it is truly mine! AND I do not laugh at him when it works each time! I DO however thank God for his bad memory!! lol