Friday, January 2, 2009

Can you say ONERY?!

Yes, we may have trouble with this one.  Why on earth would I think God would grant me an "easy" child?  No, I am blessed with High Personality Children, as I like to call them.


Michelle said...

She is so cute. That age can be so hard. You can tell she knows she is up to no good. :)

6HappyHearts said...

Ha-ha! Love the "high personality" title ; ) She's ADORABLE!!

The Coleman Chronicles said...

She may be onery but she is cute. Look at it this way, you have many of memories to remember!!

Dawn said...

Oh, she's a busy one! LOL! What a doll baby.

Dawn said...

Hi Gina!!

I've been wondering if I knew of anyone who had kids in Lisa's class. Don't you just LOVE her?!?! I will SOOOO be getting a transfer for Camryn when she goes to kdg. She has to have her.

Lisa and I have been friends since we lived in OKC over 12 years ago. Probably more like 14 years now.

She is an awesome teacher and just has the best personality.

I'm glad your little one was blessed to have her!

Tell her I said hello and I miss her! She's so busy this year with it being her first year back that we just don't get to chat anymore.