Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wii Box

So you kinda have to know my husband to FULLY appreciate this video.  Most of you do, so that wont be a problem, but for those of you who dont... let me enlighten you.

Ben is the manager of the local pharmacy.  He is super intelligent.  Knows more about drugs and health than most people could imagine.  His brain can retain things, complex things from eon's ago in Pharmacy school.  He is a stickler for a clean workspace.  One of his ex-technicians said that if she didnt know he was married with kids, she would call him "The 40 year old Virgin".  He seems, on the surface, to be a very straight-laced, serious, no sense-of-humor, anal retentive kind of guy. 

Now, dont get me wrong.  He is.  Sometimes.

At home.... Now  THATS a different story.  Most of my family knows how CrAzY he can be. He is ultra competitive.   He is pretty funny and silly with the kids and is relentless when it comes to harassing me.  He looks forward to the opportunity to embarrass the children in front of their friends every chance he gets.   He cant wait for the teenage years for THAT in particular. My poor kids.  

Anyway, here is  your local pharmacy manager acting a fool in his own home.  Gotta love him.
(and yes, we have since taken down the Christmas tree)


MelissaC said...

That's pretty funny. Who knew Ben could move so fast?!?! Does he know you've posted this on your blog? :)

Gina said...

ummmm..... no he doesnt know. so dont tell him!!!!!

Pam said...

LOL! Look at the his butt (not that I was lookin really!) its bouncing back and forth just as fast as his punching!! The Wii is great fun, we have had one for awhile, I could recommend some games that are a lot of fun!

Dawn said...

This cracked me up!!!

You know, I just realized now who your husband is after you saying what he does! ROFL!!

Dawn said...

Oh, I forgot to say... your Christmas tree was beautiful!!

Michelle said...

That is so funny! He has always seemed very quite to me. I am glad to see there is another side to him. My husband is very much that way. At work and around some people he is very serious and uptight. But around friend he and let loose. :)

MelissaC said...

Don't secret is safe with me! :)

The Coleman Chronicles said...

Just wait until I talk to him!!! :0
Very cute-- but really, shouldn't he pick on someone his own size???

Give everyone my love-- Aunt Lisa