Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ok, Ok I am in the blogger crowd now!

So I guess my inspiration came from my joy of reading Tara's blog. It was so fun seeing how her day seems to parallel mine. I have always enjoyed a bit of down time on the computer and this will give me something constructive to do. I reasoned with myself that I have ENOUGH to do already, but this is a way to share my wonderful family with those who are too far away to get to see them all the time. I will be able share loads of pics and little stories that otherwise would get forgotten and not shared because they weren't "important" enough. I also have several friends who have blogspots and enjoy checking on them occasionally. I hope I can keep up with this new endeavor.

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Ashley said...

The blog is a great endeavor. I hope I can learn how to do it. I had a great time visiting with you guys the other day. Let's do it again soon or maybe we can have a girl's night. Talk to you soon. Love Ash