Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Post about "nothing"

Well, just wanted to kinda give an update on our "goings-on" around here. Ben is CRAZY BUSY at the pharmacy lately. The flu bug is bad this year. I guess the CDC was off on their estimations on the flu this year. That makes for a busy pharmacy. And of course, there is the usual staffing issues, only complicated by the business boom. The flu also hits the pharmacy WORKERS and half are out sick and some have quit or have family issues. All of that can lead to a grumpy husband, lemme tell ya.

I had a root canal RE-done today. It wasnt as bad as I had myself worked up for. I had a bad experience on the first one and went to a specialist this time. It was much better, but very sore tonight. But it did kinda give me the day off. At least from the kids. Frankly, that is pretty nice once in a while, no matter the circumstances.

Unfortunately, the kids didnt give Ben heck while I was gone. (just kidding!) They were pretty good. Chayse took her bottle from daddy just fine. Keira ate all her lunch and took her nap like a good girl and Kaylee had an accident free day and kept her panties dry and clean ALL day. So it can count as a good day today!

I heard a song on the radio by Steven Curtis Chapman and it is called Cinderella. Oh boy, it is one to bring tears to parents of little girls. It says that the little girl is all dressed up and she askes daddy to dance to practice for the ball. He does and calls her his little Cinderella and says that soon the clock will strike midnight and she will be gone. Then the next verse is that she comes home with a ring on her finger and again tells her daddy to practice dancing so he can dance with her on her wedding day. *sniff, sniff* They may as well have put Kaylee's name in that song, cuz that is all I thought of when I listened to it. Very sweet.

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~Tara~ said...

That song gets me too! I have a hard time hearing any song about kids growing up! Eew dentists, I avoid them at all costs. Hopefully, the warmer weather is on its way and Ben can have a break! =) I look forward to meeting him.