Friday, October 3, 2008

My computer works again!

Wow. My computer died and I almost thought I was going to also! It really amazed me on how addicted I am to this thing! I was having Blog Withdrawal! And Email Withdrawal! And just plain ol' Internet Withdrawal!

Turns out there wasnt anything wrong with the computer, either. Just one of those problems that only happens to women. You know, where you take it in and it totally doesnt do what it has been doing, and works fine. Like your car. "Sir, my car has been making this grinding, squeaking sound when I stop and go, I think something is about to fall off." He rolls his eyes and takes your keys and takes it on a 2 hour test drive, doing 5 mph and 90 mph, stopping, going, turning... everything and never hears a sound. "Here you go, maam. I never heard anything. Bring it back when whatever it is actually falls off. That'll be $200, please." Am I the only one that happens to???

My computer monitor was not working. The little light was on, but no one was home. No flashes or response at all on the screen. Took it in and they plugged it in. Fine. So maam, bring in your computer, maybe it is your video card. OK. So I took both the monitor and the computer in and guess what? Worked. So it was $40, but better than buying a new monitor or computer, I guess.

I have tons to post about, but am EXHAUSTED due to the Walk-A-Thon today. Pics to come soon.


Dawn said...

What a good mom going to the Walk-a-thon. I didn't go this year. I took Camryn last year but she was little enough to stay in her stroller the whole time. This year I wouldn't have been walking... I'd been running and chasing her all over the place!

I'm glad your computer is BACK! Yay! I hate when something makes me look stupid! I have stuff happen like this all the time. Brett will just come home and click something and everything will work again. Gaw!

The Coleman Chronicles said...

Glad that you are up and running again. I miss your updates and comments. Keep them coming!

Tara said...

Wow, a computer down? Your house must be spotless! I couldn't deal! Not that I have been on much lately anways, but it is great to have ya back!