Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dad and Son Time

Chandler and Ben had some good Daddy...oops ..I mean DAD And Son Time this weekend. As you know, Ben is the baker of the family. Especially when it comes to cookies. That husband of mine can make a CRAZY GOOD cookie. Probably the best I ever had. Any kind too! Quite talented I tell ya.
Anyway, they made chocolate chip cookies together. And saying "they" might be stretching it. Chandler darn near did it himself! Ben just directed. He said "3 cups of this, one tablespoon of that, then mix it together..." They turned out great and just in time, too. Keira got up from her nap just in time to watch them bake and then eat a nice, warm, gooey cookie. Are ya'll hungry now?

1 comment:

6HappyHearts said...

Yes i am suddenly craving warm, ooey, gooey choc chip cookies?!?!
Send some over next time ; )