Sunday, August 31, 2008

Go Sooners!

Ben and Chandler went to the OU football game yesterday. Ben heard there was a 10% chance of rain before he left, but he said he had been to games with an 80% chance of rain and got all prepared, took ponchos and all the rest of the garb that would be necessary and... no rain. So he wasnt overly concerned of 10%.

Well, it rained. And rained. And lightning-ed. So bad that they postponed the game for 72 minutes and evacuated the stadium seats so that everyone was underneath. And then waited. Now, alot of the fans left. The score was 50-0, and most SANE people would have called it a night. But not my wonderful husband, who is a die-hard OU fan. No. Absolutely drenched, tired and waiting, they stayed for a bit and THEN left. (and yes, Chandler's painted hair was running everywhere!) But anyway, that was not the end of the waiting for them.

They walk the long walk to the place where the van was parked. It was in the grass, on a slope, in a large field. Which was not a problem going into the game, but it was after a couple of hours of rain.

He forgot he was not in his 4 wheel drive pick-up.

He also forgot to release the Parking Brake.

He also forgot to bring the cell phone charger.

He was stuck - in the mud - without a phone.

So, he was able to call me and ask me to get a tow truck to Lindsey in the field behind Braums. So I call 2 places and they are backed up hours. Apparently, lots of ding-dong men did the same thing. Imagine that.

The last place I called, the last place available in Norman said they would be right out. Well, 2 hours later, he is on the road home.

Tired, wet, tired, muddy and tired, they get home after 1am.

And guess what? They still had fun!

After all OU WON!!!


Dawn said...

LOL Poor guy! But, I gotta say it "BOOMER SOONERS!"

I'm totally digging your son's hair!! That looks awesome!

The Coleman Chronicles said...

Oh my-- what a funny story.

Chandler does look cute with his painted OU face. I bet Ben's face was just as red but not from the paint!!

That so beats down my bingo story!

kmoye said...

Seriously what a great story! Men! And aren't you grateful you weren't with him. Tired, wet, stuck in the mud, late in the thank you : )

~Tara~ said...

Haha, I love God's sense of humor sometimes (okay, when he pays the men back!) Your kiddos are so cute!