Sunday, August 10, 2008


Seriously, why is it that EVERY TIME my husband puts a new roll of toilet paper on the holder it is upside down?? Now, thank you dear, for replacing it at all, for THAT I am grateful. And I realize that it is only because he is a man, after all, and is simply not paying any attention what-so-ever to which direction the toilet paper comes from. Me? I like the next sheet to rest on the top. Not hanging down underneath and I then have to dig for it or fumble around, spinning and spinning to find the end. If it is loaded properly, then when it is ripped off, the next sheet will be readily available to the next user. Seriously. Does he not realize how convenient it is when he is next, after I have corrected the roll mishap? But if it is happening "accidentally" then why is it 100% of the time wrong?? Shouldnt it be more like 50-50 and sometimes he gets it right? Seriously.


6HappyHearts said...

I thank God He made us friends!!!
Toilet paper is a never ending drama around here as well?! They don't tell you these kind of details in the "marriage handbook"!

The Coleman Chronicles said...

This is a serious problem in many households-- Seriously!!
But at least he DID replace it!

Dawn said...

Yep! We have the SAME problem. He insists that his way is right. As a matter of fact, he insists his way is right about everything. Hmm.

It definitely goes OVER THE TOP! ;)

~Tara~ said...

I thought I was the only crazy person to have my paper hanging "your" way!!! LOL, I have just started to hang it "Casey's" way just for the sake of not fussing. LOL, now if only the kids would chnage it at all.

kmoye said...

judging by all the comments you have hit a nerve! My husband rarely replaces the roll but thats probably because its me that goes 52 times a day and thus I need to replace it more :) However, we used to have an "emergency" roll that was the super cheap kind that takes 42 squares to equal one of the regular kind and I couldn't get it thru my husband's head that he shouldn't use it. Seriously, everytime he replaced the roll he did it with the roll I kept in the very back of the cabinet. Men?!