Monday, August 18, 2008


You know, as a mom you pretty well have your kids "figured out". Certain kids act a certain way and you learn to accept and expect certain behavior. Some kids overreact at the smallest thing, some kids are compliant kids and Parent Pleasers (I don't have any of those kind, trust me) and some kids just kinda go with the flow.

So I have Kaylee pretty well "pegged". I have learned to know what to expect from her. Certain situations cause certain reactions from her. She is apparently her daddy's daughter. From what I hear of Ben as a child, she is the spitting image. Rotten. ;) Thats about the best way to put it. That is sooooo challenging for me. (Because as you know, I was a perfect child!) I don't understand her way of thinking most of the time. It doesn't "flow" with mine. I take different steps to achieve the same outcome and she goes in the "wrong" direction from me. But we end up in the same place and if I just let her do it her way, we will both be happier. This small realization has taken me 5 years to come to, and is still hard to overcome.

So with that said... she has broke completely out of any "mold" I had her in. She has so totally busted my pre-concieved notions on how she would react in Kindergarten. Way above and beyond what I would have expected from her. She has absolutely blossomed! Such a sweet, big girl. So independent, so suddenly. I am telling you, it was overnight.

I was hesitant if she was even ready for Kindergarten. She is a bit young. She has toilet "issues". She would probably take a nap if you made her lay quietly in her bed (not worth the fight, and yes I mean FIGHT!). She is not real crazy about doing anything for any amount of time. Only said Hi to her teachers once all year last year, all the other times she stood at the door with her head down and stared at her shoes. No amount of prodding could even get her to look up enough to get her backpack even on the hook. She acted very shy, but she isnt. Of course, after I would leave, and a fair amount of time, she would integrate with the other kids. But still would not participate in many of the activities. So, truth be told, I was worried about Kindergarten.

I prayed and prayed and prayed. And then I laid it in God's hands. I said whatever happens is meant to be and was able to come to peace with it and go for it. If she doesn't do well, then we will face that bridge and make a decision. If she has to repeat Kindergarten, fine, no problem there. So, we go for the first day, and I almost didn't know how to react to this Little Miss Independent. I was just dumb-founded. Smiles (doesn't say Hi, but smiles) at her teacher, goes to her locker, hangs up her backpack and runs to the table to find her name tag and begins coloring. Hardly even a second look to me. Then a smile, hug and kiss and "Bye Mommy!" I stood there waiting for the reaction I had geared myself up for, and got nothing. Whoa. Who is this kid? So off I go and honestly, geared myself up for tomorrow. Because surely, it would hit the fan on the SECOND day, right?

No. Every day since, perfection. (At least as far as I can tell. I have an informant because the Teachers Assistant is a dear friend of mine, so I will let you know what happens after I leave later!) She gets up and gets dressed with out being asked. She makes her own bed, beautifully too! She brushes her teeth, and that right there was a major fit thru the summer. I was trying to get her in the habit of brushing before school every day (its hit or miss in the mornings around here) and she was in total rejection of that idea ALL summer long! She gets her hair fixed without a major fit. Eats breakfast relatively quickly. Amazing, every bit of it. All of these things were hesitations for me for the last several months. I would think "good grief, it is 9:30 and Kaylee is still at the breakfast table, playing with her cereal" or "how in the world am I ever going to get a ponytail or bow in her hair if she wont even let a brush pass thru it without ear-piercing screams?" Or after the 43rd time of "Kaylee put your shoes on!" she finally slips on two different flip-flops. These are my concerns only a day before school starts. But now I have seen what my little girl is becoming. A glimpse of the woman she is going to be.

I have seen the hand of God in so, so many little things lately. And this is one area where he has definitely shown Himself in our household. I am so humbled by the way that He chooses to touch my life. Little ways that I hadn't even really asked for, or I had asked for and He chose to go way above and beyond and better! I know, I know. You read it or hear it all the time. But when you see it and feel it, it feels great. Having your needs and wants and desires met and exceeded by my great God is an amazing thing.


6HappyHearts said...

Yea! I'm so happy for you AND K!
The song "How Great is Our God" came into my head while reading your post.

The Coleman Chronicles said...

I never had a doubt that she would do fine in kindergarten. She was ready to be independent but maybe "Mom" wasn't???? Hmmmm...

Now as for you, our Mom must have really told you some stories cause I can remember many times when your halo fell!!!!

Love ya anyway :-)

Gina said...

Hey, hey now... I have heard of no such stories! I was purr-fect, dont you know?

Ok, well maybe there was that one time.... oh, and that one other time...

Its all coming back to me now, maybe it was YOU she was talking about being her "angel"!